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Watch this short video. Review the descriptions below & you'll know.

Teaser Marketing Video Overview Workshop

There are people out there who should be your clients. Your business offerings are perfect for them! BUT… they don’t know you. They’re very busy...

Light, Sound and Camera Workshop

The goal of this workshop is to ensure that ALL the videos you produce are free of "Digital Static” because your prospective clients are busy people with limited patience. They are NOT going to strain their eyes, ears and brains trying to follow a video with bad sound and picture.

Website Welcome Video Workshop

Imagine “Googling” a particular product or service that you need. You visit the top 5 websites for those businesses. 4 of the 5 websites have long informative columns of text to read. The 5th... has minimal text and a nice big video player on the home page.

Video Shorts Workshop

| Video Shorts |'vid-ee-o- SHôrts | pl. noun. a series of engaging short videos with clean sound and lighting, 60-ish second run time, intended to keep qualified prospects engaged until they are ready to buy.
Out of Sight – Out of Mind. The average sales cycle, with a well qualified prospect, requires 6 to 9 contacts over a period of 6 weeks to 18 months. You can Google it. The average answer for "how many contacts and how long before closing the first sale?" from the plethora of experts is within that 6 to 9 – over 6 to 18 neighborhood. My question is this: What will those 6 to 9 contacts consist of?

Scripting and Presentation Workshop

Your life-changing message and offer can “die” if your delivery is poor. On the flip side, even a trite message delivered with strong emotional engagement can generate a successful response and subsequent sales! In other words, HOW you deliver your message is JUST as important as the content of your actual message.

The Art of Clean Video Editing Workshop

Keeping the quality of your Marketing Videos a cut above your nearest best competitor's can make a HUGE difference in the number of views, response and… ultimate sales you get. Low quality edit = low quality business offerings. Sorry, "the perception IS the reality."

The Complete Guide to Capturing
Golden Client Testimonial Videos Workshop

Written client testimonials can help you close more sales, but “properly produced” Client Testimonial VIDEOS can super charge your sales! When watching a “properly produced” Client Testimonial Video we feel the buyer is right there with us.

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