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Types of Video

When properly produced and shared, a Teaser Marketing Video is a very powerful “first contact marketing tool” that can be used in any sales cycle, in any business to accelerate the sales cycle. In 90 seconds or less, you identify and engage your prospective clients getting them to leap into your sales funnel faster for sales sooner! Your Video Clone provides the WIIFM big benefits you offer, makes an attractive offer and call to action. When effectively distributed through an opt-in Email Marketing campaign, appropriate Social Media platforms, Host Beneficiary arrangements – or on specific pages of your website, blog site and LinkedIn Profile – your Teaser Marketing Videos are a wonderful way to accelerate your sales cycle. Your Marketing Messages delivered with absolute consistency, 24/7... yes even as you sleep. Once again... now you can get more QUALIFIED prospects into your sales faster to close more sales sooner!

A Website Welcome Video is a specific type of Teaser Marketing video. Strategically positioned on the Home Page of your website, this is the digital equivalent of you standing to deliver your 30 to 90 second commercial at a Network Event – but in digital form, your Video Clone brings you two major advantages:
  1. A typical networking event has just 20 to 30 “possible but not probable prospects.” But you’re website, with just moderate SEO will bring thousands of prospects, who qualify themselves, one at a time...over time. What a great way to supplement your time, save time and boost results!
  2. This “home page advantage” also allows you to have multiple special offers and Calls To Action, as you literally point to various next steps in the sales cycle. This massively increases the qualifying and conversion process. “Huh?” As above... you will close more sales faster! Just let your Video CloneTM handle the task of qualifying UNLIMITED prospects utilizing your website home page!

After attending the 5 Steps to Capturing Golden Testimonials workshop, you will KNOW:
Like all VPW Workshops, the 5 Steps to Capturing Golden Client Testimonial Videos workshop is totally hands on and... fun!
When we're having fun the learning is easier and the knowledge tends to stick better.

The Client Testimonial, also know as, Social Proof and Third Party Endorsement has been around ever since products and services have been sold. Recently, a little company by the name of Amazon.com has used Client Testimonials to sell BILLIONS of dollars of product "on-line." Think about that for just a moment. No storefront. No salespeople, no opportunity to see, touch or pick up the product in real life. Just a photograph, then some short messages from people – who you DO NOT KNOW – sharing their experience with the product and seller that you're considering. It's been a very effective business strategy to say the least. Now, think about the "properly produced" videos you've seen that do the very same thing. EXCEPT those videos have a FAR GREATER IMPACT! Why is that? Answer: Because we can now SEE, HEAR and FEEL the sincerity, the enthusiasm... the appreciation from the person sharing their experience. Client Testimonial Videos, when "properly produced" are infinitely more powerful than the written testimonial. "Jared, what do you mean by PROPERLY PRODUCED? Answer: When a video is fraught with Digital StaticTM ...if it has poor sound, poor lighting, if the person speaking rambles on and on for minutes rather than seconds, these videos are simply NOT watched. In fact, videos fraught with such digital static elements can do more harm to your business than good.

A Business Anniversary celebration is an excellent opportunity to capture some Golden Client Testimonial Videos from the people who are raving fans of your business, your services and... you. That's exactly what CEO, Theresa Valade, and her colleagues did during the 10th anniversary celebration of her company, Success-Trek. Please view sample. You can learn to self produce videos of this calibre by attending VPW Workshops.

Video Shorts
No, “Video Shorts” is not an article of clothing you wear while munching popcorn and drinking beer, watching the “big game” on the flat screen inside your “man cave.” THESE Video Shorts are extremely powerful Marketing Tools that your prospects and existing clients watch... of YOU on THEIR screens.

Most sales cycles require an average of 6 to 9 contacts over a period of 12 to 18 months for a transaction to occur. Video Shorts are an excellent method of keeping our existing clients and qualified prospects engaged until they are ready to buy. WHY? A: Because we ALL have busy lives. We make purchases when we’re good and ready to, and NOT when the seller wants us to. Read More...

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