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What People Say About VPW Workshops

From corporate executive to small business owner, these enthusiastic attendees share their experience of working with Jared and his Video Production Workshop associates.

Speaking into a camera lens is one of the most unnatural activities you can possibly participate in!...until you’ve had some training at a VPW Workshop.

You will get all the skills you need: from writing scripts to lighting the set – from mastering your presentation to capturing clean audio – from editing your best takes to posting your engaging targeted videos so the eyeballs of your target audience will actually SEE your videos. Camera shyness and awkward presentation style is where we ALL begin. There’s simply no escaping that reality, BUT... Video Production Workshops gives you a very safe and nurturing environment in which to learn and develop these specialized skill sets.

Soon you’ll be looking and sounding totally natural on screen. This may happen before you actually “feel” natural in front of the camera, because learning and honing these new skill sets are two separate endeavors. One follows the other over time. In time you will have mastered which ever skills are the most important for your to master. Other talents you may choose to hand off to a colleague. For example, you may work on developing only your presentation skills while your colleagues develop script writing, lights and camera operation, video editing and the video marketing to ensure production quality is top notch and digital static free.

Video Production Workshops now offers six (6) different modules to meet you where you are. To see a list of workshops click Which Workshop? A written client testimonial can be a very persuasive sales tool, but a client testimonial video can be a total game changer for your business. When produced correctly – which is the only way you can do it after attending a VPW Client Testimonial Video Workshop module – these videos will likely become the most powerful sales & marketing tool you’ve ever had. Enthusiastic clients sharing great stories about your services, your products, your company and you... instantly available for all your prospective clients to witness... at the click of a mouse!

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