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Jared Silver is founder of At-a-Glance Marketing, a company that specializes in Response Marketing Videos and Professional Business Portraits. He is passionate about providing these specialty marketing tools to his clients so they can get more qualified prospects into their marketing funnels faster for sales sooner.

Jared Silver fell in love with photography and fine lighting at age 10, when he got his first camera and darkroom. From grammar school through college, Jared was an award winning painter, sculptor, photographer and writer. His work appeared in both school exhibits and juried art shows. He became a "professional" photographer in his early teen years. Known for his fine black and white portraiture of children, he earned enough money to help support his photography activities. From his early twenties into his forties, Jared was an Advertising Photographer, aka, "Commercial Shooter." His partial A to Z client list included: Abbott Labs, AT&T, Brunswick Corporation, Cuisineware, Duraclean, (Goelitz) Jelly Belly Jelly Bean Company, Kitchens of Sara Lee, Solo Cup Company, Willie & Max Saddle Bags, Wyler Foods and Xerox.

Jared was one of the early adopters of digital photography in the mid 1990's. With the help of his son, Jamie and his good friend, Tony Keisman... Jared was able to transfer his lifelong photography skill sets to the personal computer. It was also during this time period that he studied classic Response Marketing and Sales Copywriting with Marketing Guru Jay Abraham and from Dan Kennedy, Ted Nicholas, Yanik Silver and others. In the mid 2000's these experiences and new skill sets merged together – about the same time as internet bandwidth was expanding exponentially – and Jared came up with the idea of producing "Teaser Marketing Videos" for his clients. At first people didn't quite get it, "You mean like a TV commercial? Gosh, I can't do that. I don't want to make a fool of myself." But slowly, people began working with Jared to put their "Video Clones" onto their website home pages to welcome visitors. And sending 30 to 90 second "Teaser Marketing Videos" as tightly targeted e-mail marketing campaigns!

Jared explains, "In today's complex, over crowded world of online marketing, we have... maybe 2 to 7 seconds to GRAB the attention of our perfect prospect. If we're successful – in those first crucial seconds – they'll likely watch our entire 30 to 90 second video. BUT... the message must be very tight and engaging. Targeted specifically to our client's "emotional wants" the CTA (call to action) will have them contacting us in short time, as they take the next step in our sales cycle."

These days Jared is teaching select clients how to self produce "Teaser Marketing Videos" and how to capture impromptu, "Golden Client Testimonials" and how to self produce "Video Shorts" to keep your prospective clients attentively engaged UNTIL they are ready to buy from you. Check out the WHICH WORKSHOP? page of this website. "Properly produced, Marketing Video delivers our marketing message with unbelievable impact! Properly produced video touches and engages our prospects on an emotional level. "Your Video Clone connects with prospects visual, auditory and visceral senses in a way that the printed word simply can not."

Are you nervous about being in front of the camera? Most people are. Are your self produced videos currently so LOADED with Digital Static that few people watch even the first 7 seconds? No worries! Jared has worked with hundreds of business owners, professionals and entrepreneurs to make the process not only easy, but fun! "Some people come into the studio sweatin' bullets. But by the time we've captured and played back their first video takes... they're smiling ear-to-ear saying, knowing that they actually CAN look and sound great on camera! I find it extremely gratifying to coach people through that learning curve." Says Silver. The Video Production Workshop modules will meet you wherever you're at with your Marketing Video Production skills, then get your to where you want to be.

Jared is uniquely qualified to train you in the self production of Marketing Videos through the VPW Workshop. He and his colleagues are dedicated to one goal... to get more qualified prospects into your marketing funnel faster – for sales sooner!

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