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Behind the Scenes at a Four Cornerstones Workshop

WHY "Properly" Produced?

A) Any video will get you seen faster when searched.
B) Properly produced video will sell you faster when viewed.
C) Video produced poorly... can actually do more damage than good.

WHY Self Produce?
Hiring an experienced and competent source to produce your Marketing Videos will cost $1800 to $5000 or more… per video! Marketing Videos are a terrific way to flow prospects into the top of your sales funnel, BUT closing those sales happens over time. A Website Welcome video is great start. Then what? The steep cost of an outside production company for your subsequent videos might be cost prohibitive at this time.

WHY attend a VPW Workshop?
Now you can bring some or all aspects of your Marketing Video production “in house” by attending one or more of our specialized Video Production Workshops. Our VPW Workshops are all about the Self Production and Posting of Marketing Videos to keep your Video Clone selling for you 24/7. You and your colleagues will get all the skills you need for the production of successful Teaser Marketing Videos, Website Welcome Videos, Client Testimonial Videos and Video Shorts. These are the types of Marketing Videos that select qualified prospects for your company and keep those prospects engaged until they are ready to buy from you.

You may have questions. I invite you to call me for answers.
Thank you for visiting the VPW Workshops website. Warmest Regards, Jared Silver: 847-304-4446

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