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On-Stage Brilliance to On-Screen Brilliance!

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If you're a Business Owner or Entrepreneur you most likely speak to people to sell your business offerings. That means you are a "speak to sell" presenter. Whether you're talking to one person and a time or a room full of people, you know how to close sales. Great!

You may speak AS your business. You share inspiring stories, your knowledge and expertise with others and you're well paid for doing so. Also great!
Question: Do you want to earn more money? "Well duh Jared. That's why I'm here."

Well, here's the thing. When you're presenting "in person" you KNOW what to say. You KNOW how to say it. You KNOW how to close sales. However, when you're presenting to a lens, you just DON'T KNOW about, sound, and lighting, and scripting, and storyboarding, and how to move with authority in a small space, and how to match your tonality, cadence, and facial expressions to your script... so you can connect with people who aren't there – or people who are kinda' there in that Brady Bunch screen. What you don't know – you just don't know.

Here's an offer that I KNOW you'll benefit greatly from. For about one quarter the cost of having a marketing video professionally produced, you can now learn the basics of scripting, presenting, lighting, and sound techniques. If you need to "up the quality" of your self produced videos, my "Take Your ON-STAGE Brilliance to ON-SCREEN Brilliance" course will give you the big boost you need.

Even if your intention is to hire a video production company to handle the heavy lifting, this on-line course will give you the behind-the-scenes insights you need to select the "right" production company to work with. Remember, the only reason to step in front of a video camera is to get more business and earn the money that you really want!

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-------CLICK HERE to see Overview of On-Line Course------


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